A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enter FarKae City!

A rough city controlled by underground flashy villains, smug ruffians and neon night thugs, all wreaking havoc!

It's about time YOU showed up!

Are you RAD enough to assume the role of the dude with the attitude and clean these mean streets up?

FarKae City is a retro flirt with the Beat 'em up!-Games of our childhood with a twist! It's up to you to figure out how to beat your opponents!

You control the protagonist using a keyboard (WASD + IKLO) or an Xbox360 Controller (Thumbstick + AXYB), which is preferred, since the controller rumbles when you rumble in-game!

The game ends when you get defeated!


FarKae_City_Linux.zip 33 MB
FarKae_City_Windows.rar 26 MB
FarKae_City_Mac.zip 32 MB


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It's a cute little puzzle fighting game with some sweet visuals. <3 It was fun to figure out how I have to behave to beat all the enemies up, but when I got the hang out of it, it became more and more easier to master. :D Happily I wrote a short recommendation article about your game and also uploaded a little gameplay video of it. :)

Best wishes,